Interior Doors

Replacing old interior doors is among the most effective ways to renew the sense of pride you have for your home. New doors instantly create a dramatic change that transforms your home into a rich, secure, and inviting place to entertain and live. Our installers are well-trained and our products are top quality. That means your doors will live up to your expectation and we’ll install them quickly with minimal disruption to you.

Drafty Patio Door

Older patio doors were not built with insulation in mind. Elements such as the frame material, glass, weather stripping, and frame fit all affect your energy loss. Energy efficient patio doors should seal tightly to all areas of the jamb and have coated glass. Fiberglass and vinyl frames insulate significantly better than aluminum, which conducts heat.

Getting New Windows
Sometimes the patio door is forgotten as an important window in the house. We have patio doors to match all the windows we sell.

Single Pane Glass
According to ENERGY STAR, replacing single-pane glass with an ENERGY STAR-rated glass can save you
between $146-$501 annually and 1,147-3,839 pounds of CO₂. Plus, upgrading to energy efficient double pane glass will increase your home’s overall comfort and security.

Noise Levels
Similar to windows, your home’s patio door plays a crucial role in blocking noise. This is especially true if
you live near a busy street or an airport. Our patio doors are engineered with advanced technology to reduce sound transmission.

Leaky Patio or French Door

French doors can be negatively affected by weather, warping beyond what can be corrected with weather stripping and locks. A leaky patio door can ruin interior floors and is a clear sign that patio door replacement should be considered. 



Deciding when you should replace your exterior door, whether it be a front door or back door, is pivotal. Waiting too long to replace exterior doors can make your home more susceptible to the forces of mother nature, allowing air through, as well as potential moisture. It can also pose a security risk if your exterior door is worn down to the point where it can no longer keep your home secure. Some signs that you should replace your exterior door are included below and should be closely paid attention to by any homeowner.

When to Replace Your Exterior Door

Is it time to replace your exterior front door or back door? Here are some signs it’s time to replace your door.

You constantly have to open and close the door.

If you can’t simply push the door close and it latches, it may be time for a new door or doorframe. If your door is sticking in the winter and it opens and closes easily in the summer, that’s a sure sign that energy is simply pouring out your front door. If the hinges are sinking that could be another issue.

There are a lot of dings, rust, and dents.

Does your exterior door look like it’s been through the ringer? Does it look like it should be on the next demolition episode of a home improvement show? If your door has seen better days, it’s time to replace it. Rust, dings, and structural damage to the integrity of the door can compromise the weather resistant capability of the door and it just looks bad.

There is moisture between the panes of glass.

If you have glass anywhere on your front door chances are it’s double pained but over time, the seal between those two windowpanes can lead to moisture and mildew and fog up the inside. Not only does it look bad, but it can cause most are and mildew inside the house as well and completely lose the energy efficiency of the door.

The door has weathered, warped, or cracked.

More than just a dating or a scrape, doors can definitely take a beating over a lifetime and if they are starting to get warped or weathered, it’s time to replace it. If you can see light coming into the room from the solid wood door around the edge, it’s time to replace it.

Are you using towels or door roles to keep the energy in?

‘Nough said.

We would love to help you replace and install your exterior door whether it’s from the garage to the outside, the garage to the inside, or your front door, we can provide you with the best material and offer suggestions and advice on the right door and door frame for your home.

Door materials

There are a lot of choices when it comes to exterior door materials including wood, which is the most traditional choice because it’s beautiful and customizable. Steel is also an option as it offers insulated energy efficiency, security, and durability that a lot of wood doors may not offer. Other options could be fiberglass, aluminum, or vinyl but each home is different and we want to make sure that it’s not only beneficial and practical for your home but that it looks beautiful as well.

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