What signs indicate that I need a patio door replacement?

Interior Doors
Replacing old interior doors is among the most effective ways to renew the sense of pride you have for your home. New doors instantly create a dramatic change that transforms your home into a rich, secure, and inviting place to entertain and live. Our installers are well-trained and our products are top quality. That means your doors will live up to your expectation and we’ll install them quickly with minimal disruption to you.

Drafty Patio Door

Older patio doors were not built with insulation in mind. Elements such as the frame material, glass, weather stripping, and frame fit all affect your energy loss. Energy efficient patio doors should seal tightly to all areas of the jamb and have coated glass. Fiberglass and vinyl frames insulate significantly better than aluminum, which conducts heat.

Getting New Windows
Sometimes the patio door is forgotten as an important window in the house. We have patio doors to match all the windows we sell.

Single Pane Glass
According to ENERGY STAR, replacing single-pane glass with an ENERGY STAR-rated glass can save you
between $146-$501 annually and 1,147-3,839 pounds of CO₂. Plus, upgrading to energy efficient double pane glass will increase your home’s overall comfort and security.

Noise Levels
Similar to windows, your home’s patio door plays a crucial role in blocking noise. This is especially true if
you live near a busy street or an airport. Our patio doors are engineered with advanced technology to reduce sound transmission.

Leaky Patio or French Door

French doors can be negatively affected by weather, warping beyond what can be corrected with weather stripping and locks. A leaky patio door can ruin interior floors and is a clear sign that patio door replacement should be considered.

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