When you think of the word “Masonry” you often think of bricks being laid row by row. While Masonry is the art of building a structure with individual units, the term is commonly used when referring to a luxurious faux stone, also known as cultured stone. Cultured stone provides a beautiful finish that creates the appearance of natural stone that homeowners are sure to fall in love with. While using traditional natural stone is both decorative and appealing to the eye, it is quite costly and oftentimes renders far out of budgets.

Masonry ContractorsLuckily there is an alternative. If you love the look of stone work, but don’t have the budget, cultured stone may be the perfect solution for you. Cultured stone is simply concrete that has colors and pigments added in to create the appearance of natural stone. With dozens of different color/pigment combinations there are dozens of different styles and finishes all at a fraction of the price as traditional stone work. When choosing to use cultured stone you will generally have a large piece of concrete that is shaped or stamped to look like multiple natural stones, however, in some cases you may request to have individual cultured stones created to help create as specific aesthetic or to complete a project.

Installing stone outside or inside your home can be very decorative. Natural stone is expensive and can be cost prohibitive from us from having this amazing look in our homes. However, by using cultured stone in your interior and exterior design. You can still have the appearance of stone, without the huge costs. This is concrete with color pigment providing a beautiful and unique finish design.

Benefits of using cultured stone

Cultured stone can be used in both exterior and interior decorating and is most commonly used for features such as grand fireplaces, outdoor seating areas, fire pits or front entryways. With the ability to customize the “stone” in color, size, and style, there is a cultured stone for everyone and every project. Due to its versatility, cultured stone has become widely popular and is one of the more commonly used materials in both new construction homes as well as many renovation projects among homeowners.

In addition to its versatility, cultured stone has proven to provide a simpler installation. Being more lightweight than natural stone, it is easier to install and due to the weight difference, this allows cultured stone to oftentimes be installed on a larger variety of materials, with less reinforcements than that of natural stone. Not only does this make installation easier, but the difference in weight also allows for less materials to be used during installation making install both more efficient and more cost effective.

There are several benefits to using cultured stone rather than natural stone, which you should know about before you make any decision on how to finish your build. Your designer may have insisted that you complete your house project in a stone finish, or it may just be a personal choice. Nevertheless, before you do anything, it is very important that you learn as much as you can about a cultured stone to determine if it is the best choice for you. Call the experts at Nordic Home Solutions to discuss your project!

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