Awnings have come a long way in the last decade and can provide a home with many benefits. Today’s materials are long-lasting, vibrant, easily cleaned, and flame-retardant. Frames are made of high strength-to-weight ratios and provide corrosion resistance as well as bending prevention. The combination of today’s materials and frames allows for safe, durable, visually pleasing and economical awnings. Adding an awning to you home provides many benefits from reduced energy bills to outdoor living.

Reduced Energy Costs – This is one of the best benefits installing an awning can provide, and yet isn’t regularly known knowledge. Awnings provide shade to your home and thus your windows. This helps eliminate direct solar heat that is absorbed through your windows and allows you to save on your energy bill by requiring less cooling within your home. In addition, if you purchase a retractable awning, you can close the awning during fall or winter months to allow the sun to reach the windows and provide you with a little bit of warmth. 

Multi-Functional Space – When choosing to install a retractable awning you can control the way your outdoor space is used. Create shade, open for extra sun, etc. You can open your awning to fit the day and provide yourself with the best use of your space according to your preferences and the current weather or climate.

Outdoor Living – Adding an awning to your home will provide you with more opportunities to use your outdoor space efficiently. With the protection from not only sun but also rain, you can spend time outdoors every day.

Added Home Value – As mentioned above, your awning or awnings can create an outdoor living space. This allows you to market your home as having extra living space and will boost your value exponentially.

Provides Protection From the Elements – By installing an awning you are protecting your outdoor spaces from the elements. Sun damage is the number one reason outdoor furniture becomes damaged or needs to be replaced. By installing an awning, you are helping reduce UV rays from damaging your furniture as well as providing protection from rain, snow, hail, and more. In addition to your outdoor furniture, your indoor furniture and flooring may also show signs of UV damage as the years go by. Awnings will help protect the areas of your home that see more sun than others thus improving their longevity and over all appearance.

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