Home Window Replacement

Complete Home Window Replacement

Upgrading or replacing all of your home’s windows can help lower energy bills, increase energy efficiency, highlight your home’s curb appeal, make cleaning easier, and reduce drafts.

Nordic Home Solutions offers whole home window replacement packages, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of quality, energy-efficient windows for years to come. Upgrade your home with new windows today!

What signs indicate that I need window replacement?

Old Aluminum Frames
Aluminum window frames conduct heat rapidly, which results in poor insulation. This costly occurrence causes hot summer days and cold winter nights in your home. These old-style frames are becoming increasingly difficult to find and are slowly being replaced by more efficient solutions.

Single-Pane Glass
Upgrading to energy efficient double or triple pane windows will increase your overall home comfort and security.

Windows play a big role in noise transmission, especially if you live near a busy street or a noisy neighbor. Those living near airports may especially want to consider noise barriers such as triple pane window glass to enjoy peace and quiet. Modern windows are engineered using advanced technology to reduce sound transmission.

Fading Furniture, Carpets, and Drapes
A Low E film that blocks up to 95% of the sun’s ultraviolet light will protect your valuables while still allowing natural light into your home.

Leaky Windows
Leaky windows are caused by several factors: improper installation, aging of certain window frame materials, or lack of caulking and care. Water can sneak its way into your home, showing up as condensation between panes of glass or it can creep under the siding, causing rot. This is especially problematic here in the Northwest. Excess moisture is the perfect environment for mold and mildew growth in your home, and of course, for leaky windows.

What is a Critical Measure?

The first step in replacing your windows is our comprehensive Critical Measure. Our skilled craftsmen measure every window in your home with accuracy and precision to ensure a perfect fit for a quality window replacement. They will review your sizing and selections including grids, glass, and hardware to ensure complete accuracy and satisfaction throughout your window replacement package.

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