Dry Rot Repair

Dry Rot RepairDry rot repair in Snohomish, Skagit and North King counties – Dry rot, also known as brown rot, is wood decay caused by fungi, which can ruin any wooden structures inside or outside your home. When dry rot occurs, the fungi break down cellulose and hemicellulose, the components which give the wood strength and resilience. The wood is left weakened and brittle, often with a blocky appearance. Dry rot will only affect timber that is damp, typically with a moisture content in excess of 20 percent. For this reason, removing the source of moisture should form the core of any dry rot eradication strategy.

With our wet weather in the Pacific Northwest, dry rot repair is a common occurrence as home maintance. Nordic Home Solutions is a top rated dry rot repair specialist throughout Snohomish County. When you find dry rot, it can be an extremely unsettling experience. The wood is basically under attack and it can feel like your home is crumbling beneath you. Whether it’s in your porch, deck, stairs, beams, or joists, if you fear you have dry rot, you’ll need to get that repaired as quickly as possible.

Dry rot only tends to get worse and wood that is left weakened and brittle can become extremely dangerous. Did you know there is as many as 5 million types of fungi existing in the air and soil around us? With that much moisture, it can be almost impossible to avoid some form of dry rot.

In addition to brown rot, dry rot can also be a lighter shade called White brought. This spongy type of fungi can occur in temperatures between 65° and 90°F, typically only seen in our attics.

Soft Rot is another type of dry rot fungi which decomposes wood slower than brown rot fungi but can thrive in temperatures too hot and too cold for the other types to survive, typically between 0° and 110°F. Soft rot breaks down cellulose leaving the wood with a honeycomb like texture and is typically found in fallen logs and trees, not typically in houses but if the conditions are just right, we have seen it.

Our experts first identify the source of the moisture so that you don’t have continual dry rot from hereafter. After the dry rot repair, we can make sure that we finish the product so that it would look as if nothing had happened. Any dry rot that is loadbearing should be completely removed and replaced. Nonbearing services such as window frames, baseboards, and trim can be repaired in place but it really is a case by case basis. Let us help you determine what’s the best route for your needs and your home.

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